Season's Soup

S eason’s Soup
“The Bunny and The Bullfinch (bird) are captured by Igor the Catcher, a minion to the Duchess of the Castle. Duchess will prepare her famous Season´s Soup, and the Bunny and the Bullfinch need to escape from the clutches of the Duchess, through the maze to the forest and freedom.”

The Season´s Soup is a 2 player multiplayer game that is based on cooperative action and a mutual goal.

Primary Prosocial Skill: Cooperation
Number of players: 2
Playing time: maximum of 30 minutes per game

Technologies used
Client: Unity, HTML5 WebGL
Back end: Microsoft Azure

Language support:
English, Greek, Spanish, Italian

Part of the ProSocial educational game platform

For business please contact:
CEO Miikka Lyytikäinen
miikka.lyytikainen (at)