Playable Ads (HTML 5)

Playable Ad for Empires & Puzzles/Small Giant Games

Playable Ad for Battlejack/Grand Cru

United Themes Shortcode Plugin

Playable Ad for Bridge Spin/Lightneer

United Themes Shortcode Plugin

Playable Ad for Coin Pop & Luckyminer/Applike

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Y ou deserve the highest quality interactive HTML5 Playable Ad for your game, product or service. We will deliver that.

What are Playable Ads?

Playable Ad is an interactive ad, typically shown e.g within a mobile game instead of showing a video ad.

Example of a Playable Ad game we have developed

Empires & Puzzles / Small Giant Games & Unity Technologies Finland



We developed two versions:

1. Version using Unity Tiny Mode (ECS for Small Things -technology , Alpha), revealed at GDC 2018

2. Version using pixi.js

We have developed Playable Ads for our clients Unity Technologies Finland, Small Giant Games, Grand Cru and other big names in the mobile game industry.

Why players like Playable Ads?
– Does not feel like an Ad
– Get to play the actual core game

Why you should use Playable Ads?
– High quality users
– Possibility to increase Conversion, Retention and LTV

Good Playable Ads are…?
– A/B testing enabled
– 15 to 60 seconds long
– Provide the real game experience
– Work both in vertical and landscape orientation
– Crystal clear call to action at the end

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