W e developed several games and a mobile device based audioguide for the Grand re-opening of the ship Pommern.
The Pommern is the only four-masted merchant sailing ship in the world still in its original state. Since 1952 Pommern has been a museum ship. Today the ship is owned by the Town of Mariehamn, and is managed by the Åland Maritime Museum Trust.

Games for Pommern

  • Provision: choose the best provision for the long voyage ahead and see if you can make it
  • Sail Race: see how fast you can make it from Australia back to Europe in one piece
  • Ballast: 1 or 2 player game, you need to remove the ballast sand from the cargo bay as fast as possible


  • Adults: eavesdrop the crew during a voyage from Åland to Australia and back
  • Children: join Ruby the shiprat for an exciting tale that reveals some of the ship’s secrets

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